Montclair Art Museum



MAM turns 100!

Since 1914, MAM has anchored the art scene of Montclair and its surrounding communities, and has served artists, collectors and curators on a local and national level. Through onsite education, MAM has helped thousands of children and adults learn about, make, appreciate, and collect art.


Partnering with its Marketing department, we created a community-focused program to bolster the museum’s reputation in Essex County, foster stronger relationships with local businesses and promote membership.

MAM 100 Days to celebrate 100 Years Celebration! 

We created and designed a branded outreach program for regional stores and restaurants to participate in  MAM’s 100 year celebration.  Partners offered discounts and specials and in return, we drove business to their venues. 


Web: The Centennial Countdown page had over 2,300 visits between Oct. 7-Jan. 15, with visitors staying on the page for an average of over 2 minutes. Content was also reposted to the main MAM Centennial site for additional traffic. Store traffic and membership was up.